How To Earn More Coins In Bit City

Build faster in Bit City by learning how to earn more coins.

Earning coins are imperative to your progress in the popular simulation mobile game, Bit City. For players looking for simple tricks to increase their revenue, we're here to tell you that it's as simple as sprucing up your approach. Once you’ve nailed these simple tactics down, we can assure you that your city will be bustling and bringing in millions of coins in no time.

Upgrade The Bank

In order to earn more coins in Bit City, you’ll have to start with upgrading the bank. Doing this will bump up the amount of coins you generate per second. It’ll also result in some passive income while you’re away with the app running in the background.

  • Bank upgrades will increase passive income by 10% for a specified amount of time limit.

Unlock Cars At The Garage

Next, you should begin to unlock cars at the parking garage. Four is a good start but more is always better. Once you’ve done that, head over to City Hall, and start increasing DMV Fees and Ticket Quotas.

  • DMV Fee upgrades will increase the amount of coins generated per second by 15
  • Ticket Quota upgrades will add a 10% bonus to each car coin collected.

Build and Tax Property

Once you’re generating a decent amount of income, you can start building residential, business, and service zones on empty small lots. Once that’s done, head over to City Hall once again and start pouring money into Property Tax.

  • Property Tax upgrades will increase the amount earned by each building by 10%.

Complete Objectives

Although completing objectives won't earn you more coins in Bit City, they will earn you a significant amount of Bux. Bux are used for city and game increases at City Hall, as well as upgrading building and boosts. We'll talk more about those in the next section.

  • Completed objectives increase the reward for the next objective by 10 Bux.

Use Boosts and Upgrade Buildings

To move things along faster you can spend a couple Bux on Boosts and Instant Build. Bux are the green dollars you’ll accumulate in-game, usually in lieu of the car coins. These tend to build up over time and can be used to speed up time under the Boosts tab or level up some of your buildings using Instant Build.

  • Boosts will speed up time and make coin accumulation faster.
  • Instant Build will level up a building and increase its earnings.

Unlock New Buildings

Once you’ve accumulated a good amount of Bux, you can head over to city hall and unlock new buildings. Although they cost quite a bit of money, they provide you with more coins which can help you advance significantly.

  • Each unlocked building provides a 100% earning boost to lots they reside on.

With these simple steps put together, you'll be earning tons of coins in Bit City. If you enjoy Bit City, check out our guides for other mobile games such as 8 Ball Pool and Pewdiepie's Tuber Simulator. Also, let us know in the comments if you have any additional tips that you think will help other players!


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