How to Setup WiFi on the Nintendo Switch

Learn how to connect to the internet and access online features including the Nintendo eShop.

Wondering how to setup WiFi on your brand new Nintendo Switch? If you’ve yet to go through the basic steps while getting started on your Nintendo Switch, there’s an option to connect to WiFi during that process. If you chose to temporarily skip it, however, you can always go back and connect to WiFi at any time. 

Below, we’ve detailed both ways to connect to WiFi on the Nintendo Switch.

How to Setup WiFi on the Nintendo Switch

After you turn on your Nintendo Switch for the first time, you’ll pass through a few different menus selecting your location, time zone, and more. In addition, an option will pop up allowing you to connect to WiFi. During this process, a list of available WiFi networks will be displayed.

To connect to WiFi, select your home’s WiFi network, then enter the passcode if necessary. After that, you should be successfully connected to WiFi on your Nintendo Switch.

If you decided to setup WiFi later, first turn on your Nintendo Switch, then navigate to the System Settings menu located at the bottom of your home screen. From there, select the “Internet” option to prompt the Nintendo Switch to begin searching for WiFi signals.

Next, find your WiFi network’s name, and enter the passcode if necessary. The Nintendo Switch will proceed to test the internet connection. Once successful, hit “OK” to navigate out and back to your home screen.

If the connection fails, the Nintendo Switch will give you options to troubleshoot your WiFi connection. Additionally, this could be a result of entering the wrong passcode, so be sure to try the connection process again to ensure it’s not a simple passcode error.

By following these steps, you should now know how to setup wifi on the Nintendo Switch.

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