Best Mods For Don't Starve Together

Add some variety to your Don't Starve Together games with these awesome mods.

If you’re a Don’t Starve Together player in search of some of the best, highly-rated mods to try out, then you’ve come to the right place. What’s cool about the Steam Workshop for Don’t Starve Together is that it’s always buzzing with players who love to find new ways to improve their experience, and there’s never a shortage of awesome modifications to choose from. Here are a few we’ve hand selected, and we can guarantee that if you try any of these DST mods on for size, you’ll be a very happy camper.

Repair Combine

A common issue that players run into while playing Don’t Starve Together, is having more than one of the same item with varying durability percentages. With the Repair Combine mod, you can now combine these items, giving you one item with increased durability! For example, you have 2 pickaxes. One is at 5%, and the other that you just built preemptively is at 95%. Using this mod will allow you to combine these two into one pickaxe with 100% durability. Nifty! Try the Repair Combine mod.


When you’ve mastered the art of survival and you’ve accumulated quite a few chests filled with resources, it starts to become a task trying to remember where you stored certain items. If you have two or more chests, the Finder mod will assist you by illuminating the chests that have the item that you’re looking for. This can come in handy, especially in a game like Don’t Starve Together, where there’s no pausing the game and you’re crafting. Searching for items in over 10 chests when putting together recipes can become very time consuming. Try the Finder mod.

The Engineer

If you’re growing tired of the character choices in Don’t Starve Together, try this new one on for size. With The Engineer mod, you’ll be able to play as the infamous engineer from Team Fortress 2. He comes equipped with a science bonus and items like a hard hat, wrench and some scrap metal. Although, he does less damage in battle than other characters in Don’t Starve Together, he makes up for that with his ability to craft a sentry, teleporter and dispenser. There’s a large variety of characters you can find with the mod community, so if you’re looking to try something new, don’t be afraid to explore new options. Try The Engineer mod.

Magic Bottle Lanterns

The night is filled with many unknown terrors, and sometimes a little light can be comforting. With the Magic Bottle Lanterns mod, you’ll be able to craft some beautiful lanterns that give light, and have various effects on the environment around them. The lanterns in this mod are pretty magical. They require no fuel and although they can be destroyed, they’re resistant to fire. What’s even better is that they need no maintenance, since they turn on when dusk falls and turn off once daytime returns. If your sanity is low, try the Sunshine Bottle. Or if you’re a little cold, craft an Ember Bottle. Try the Magic Bottle Lanterns mod.

Globalastick’s Halloween Mod

While Halloween might be over, some of us like to celebrate all things spooky, all year around. Add a touch of Tim Burton charm to your DST server by taking on the Globalastick’s Halloween mod. This festive modifier will alter the way certain objects look within the game. Certain hats take on a more theatrical form, and a few animals you’ll encounter may appear a wee bit more menacing. It’s all in good fun though, since the changes that take place are strictly superficial. Now if you’re the kind of player who loves holiday themed mods, than take a trip to the Steam Workshop and you’re sure to find some Christmas themes too! Try the Globalastick’s Halloween mod.

Are these the best mods ever? Let us know in comments if you've tried any of them and if they've completely transformed your Don't Starve Together experience! For more on Don't Starve Together on Indie Obscura, learn how to survive your first night, try out this guide to surviving the winter, and take a look at these basic survival tips.

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