The best scary games to play with your friends

Looking to get spooked? These are the best multiplayer horror games you can play with mates in 2020.

Friends who scare together, stay together. After all, splitting up is just bad form when a monstrous killer is out to get you! If you’re looking for some spooky or terrifying games to enjoy with your mates, we’ve done the unsettling research for you. Below you’ll find our roundup of the best scary games to play with your friends in 2020.

The best scary games to play with your friends

The best scary games to play with your friends in 2020
© Behaviour Interactive


Available on: PC (Steam)

Explore a haunted house! Hunt for the unsettling signs of spirits! Get murdered by a revenant as your friends hide in a closet! Phasmophobia is like every haunted house TV show you’ve ever seen, only here the ghosts are very real and likely to have you for breakfast if you aren’t careful.

Along with VR support, Phasmophobia makes the genius decision to detect your microphone inputs. You can ask the ghost questions as you attempt to capture occult footage, but make it angry and you’ll need to hold your breath while it stalks the house for prey.

Among Us

The best horror games to play with friends
© Innersloth

Available on: PC (Steam)

In this silly spaceship-fixing game, your friends are out to get you. Most players will need to hustle around as Crewmates, completing tasks to get their ship or base back in order.  One or two, however, will secretly be imposters capable of sabotaging the ship, and whose only task is to kill off all the living players. Spot a body or call an emergency meeting and you can vote to kick someone off the ship, but you’d best be sure who the real culprits are or you may eject your allies.

It’s a classic hidden traitors system, but the real catch of Among Us is that the vast majority of the game takes place in silence. The only times players can talk are during dead body reports or emergency meetings, leading to a flurry of accusations and deceit. If you find the main game too tense or deceptive, consider giving the fan-made Hide and Seek mode a go as well.

Dead by Daylight

The best multiplayer horror games dead by daylight
© Behaviour Interactive

Available on: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC (Steam)

Work with three friends to escape from the clutches of an unstoppable killer bent on stringing you up and watching you suffer. The problem? That killer is one of your mates, or sometimes even you! Dead By Daylight’s Survivors are weak, but with stealth and numbers on their side, they might be able to activate the generators necessary to open up a path to freedom.

Behaviour Interactive’s 4v1 multiplayer release remains one of the best online horror games to date. Since release it’s been updated numerous times to add new Survivors and Killers to scamper around as. The huge success of the game has seen official partnerships with Stranger Things, Silent Hill, Ash vs Evil Dead, Halloween, and more. 

Left 4 Dead 2

Multiplayer horror games with friends in 2020 - left 4 dead 2
© Valve

Available on: PC (Steam)

Seriously? Yes! Left 4 Dead 2 may be old and its scares may be slim, but this year also saw Valve’s seminal co-op shooter get one final hurrah of an update. The Last Stand brought new maps, weapons, and enemies to the game in a community-made update.

If, like us, you used to adore blasting through hordes of zombies with your mates, 2020 is the year to jump back into Left 4 Dead 2 for a brilliant mix of nostalgia and brand new content. 

Until Dawn/The Man of Medan

Available on: PS4, Xbox One, PC (Steam)

Supermassive Games has proven itself as the master studio when it comes to recreating cinematic horror in gaming. Until Dawn and Man of Medan – the first of the Dark Pictures Anthology – stick you in the boots of typical horror movie protagonists, making key decisions and attempting to keep them alive during tense quicktime segments. Find yourself shouting at horror movie protagonists and declaring how much smarter you’d be? This is your chance to prove it.

Until Dawn is best enjoyed with a bunch of friends in the same room, swapping control between characters. If that’s not possible for you right now, PS4 players can make use of Share Play to hotswap controls between friends. Otherwise, followup Man of Medan added online multiplayer with new co-op modes. It’s a far shorter experience, but immensely more replayable for it.

The Forest

Available on: PS4, PC (Steam)

Reckon you’re a wilderness survival expert? Got Bear Grylls skills? Well you might have what it takes to keep your friends alive when the monsters start calling in The Forest. This open-world survival game is one of the most unsettling on the market, as enemies often prefer to keep their distance, watching from afar before striking when you least expect it. And once you start delving into the caves and depths of the woodlands, the humanoid figures stalking your camps will be the least of your concerns. 

Those were our picks for the best scary games to play with your friends. Got any other spooky suggestions? Let us know in the comments below so we can all have a harrowing time together! We also have a roundup of all the big gaming Halloween events for 2020, just in case you were feeling like an extra dose of spooks.

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