How To Reach The Hello Neighbor Ending

Reach the Hello Neighbor alpha ending and find out what’s behind that pesky door.

Hello Neighbor is the thrilling and challenging stealth game with the pre-alpha demo that has many players interested in how to achieve its current ending. The main objective of the alpha 2 demo is to figure out how to gain access to the boarded, locked, and pin secured door that is currently residing in your neighbor’s living room. Since we’ve already covered the multiple ways you can break and enter into your neighbor’s home, we’ll now cover what items you will need and how to pull everything off once you’ve made your way inside.

Update: We have another article that is more recent which shows how to reach the Hello Neighbor alpha 4 ending.

Items You’ll Need

The first thing you’ll note in Hello Neighbor is that the basement door in your creepy neighbor’s living room has a total of 2 defense mechanisms. These mechanisms include a wooden plank and a key card door lock. In order to unlock the door successfully, you’ll have to obtain a total of 5 items with 2 being the tools you will need to unlock the door. The first and most difficult item to retrieve will be a key, followed up with a crowbar, lockpick, wrench and finally, the keycard.

The game will allow you to choose which way you’d like to start. Beginning with story mode will allow you to access your neighbor’s home through the front door once you’ve finished moving in/watching all the cutscenes. If you decide to start playing right away, your neighbor will have his front door boarded up from the inside. You can easily rectify this by playing a game of ding-dong-ditch (ringing the doorbell and making a run for it), which will prompt your neighbor to remove the planks and come outside. Now we can move on to finding the items.

Finding The Key

This just might be the most difficult item to retrieve in Hello Neighbor since the key hangs off the belt loop of your neighbor’s pants! We were able to successfully retrieve the key by waiting for the neighbor to fall asleep. You can do this one of two ways. You can wait for him to fall asleep on his own (which he does a lot of as long as you don’t let him catch you sneaking about) OR you can drug him. If you want to learn how to drug him, see our Hello Neighbor Guide To Breaking and Entering which will describe in detail how to do this. Once he’s asleep, slowly walk up to him, take the key and make a run for it!

Finding The Crowbar and Lockpick

Once you’ve obtained the key, you can now start collecting tools. The first tools you’ll grab are the lockpick and the crowbar. If you wander to the back of your neighbor’s home, you’ll see that his bedroom has a broken window. Jump through the window, go through the bedroom door and walk towards the back of the house. On the left side you’ll find a big cardboard box labeled Lost & Found (you can retrieve items you’ve lost or dropped after being captured here) and on your right, there’s a door with a padlock on it. Use the key to unlock this door and inside you’ll find the lockpick sitting on the shelf and the crowbar hanging on the wall.

Finding The Wrench

We recommend taking the crowbar back to your house since this is one of the items you’ll need to unlock the basement door. Keep the lockpick and head to the back of the house. On the far right of the backyard, you’ll find a locked up toolshed. Use the lockpick on the padlock and enter the shed. Inside lies a gun and (TA-DA!) a wrench hanging on the wall. Grab the wrench and put the gun away for a rainy day.

Finding The Keycard

On the back of the house, you’ll see what looks like a black gate blocking off a ladder that leads up to the roof of the house. This gate is closed off by a screw in which you can use the wrench to remove. Once removed, climb the ladder, reach the roof, wander a bit to the right until you see a gigantic hole that leads to the 2nd floor bedroom. Go through this and on the table you’ll find the keycard. Since you won’t be able to leave the room from inside, you’ll have to break the window (use the chair) and climb out through there.

Unlocking The Door

This is the difficult part. Since you've already obtained the keycard and it's the quickest item to use on the door, wait for your neighbor to leave his living room and quickly swipe the keycard on the door lock. Once this is done, head back to your home to grab the crowbar. From here, all you'll have to do is pry the nails off the plank on the door. See our article about breaking and entering in Hello Neighbor and try implementing some of those distractions strategies if you're having a hard time. Once you've removed all the obstacles, get ready to see the horrors that reside in your neighbor's basement!

The Ending

Once you’ve completed the tasks listed above then congrats, you’ve made it into your suspicious neighbor's basement and have succesfully beat the Hello Neighbor alpha demo. Watch the video below to see this guide put to action and see some more of that Hello Neighbor basement action! If this guide worked for you, or can use some fine tuning, then be sure to leave us some feedback in the comments below.

For more on this awesome indie game on Indie Obscura, make sure to sign up for the Hello Neighbor open alpha, check out the new announcement of the Hello Neighbor alpha 4, watch the announcement trailer that reveals how terrifyingly clever the AI in Hello Neighbor is.


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