Source of LA Noire on Switch rumor hints that GTA V is next

Rockstar's Switch affair continues.

The source of rumors suggesting LA Noire would arrive on Switch has now hinted that a Grand Theft Auto V port is in the pipeline.

Over on notorious industry insider forum NeoGAF, the user vern – who suggested Rockstar would begin Switch development with a port of their 2011 detective procedural – has enigmatically hinted that GTA V could soon follow.

When a user complained about LA Noire’s confirmation as a Switch port rather than GTA V, vern’s reply was simply “patience” suggesting this may already be the case. 

Obviously hints and rumors with pinches of salt and lemons, but Rockstar has strongly supported handheld consoles in the past. PSP’s GTA stories spinoffs were some of the best on the system, so maybe Switch will get the same love.


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