Swery's next game The Good Life lets you choose between turning into cats or dogs

Swery's choice.

The upcoming RPG from Deadly Premonition creator Swery, The Good Life, originally had all residents of a town turn into cats at night but has now opened the choice up to canine fans.

In the game’s latest crowdfunding update, Swery explains that the townsfolk of Rainy Woods will change either into cats or dogs at night while you try to solve a murder mystery. So obviously there’s puppy-based abilities like scenting out clues. But if you choose to be a cat you can jump and climb and fit in small places. Choices...choices.

The game’s crowdfunding itself is looking in a bit of a questionable state, however, as it languishes at just 18% of its $1.5million goal. So if you want to be a cat or dog and solve crime then give it a boost.


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