Upcoming Horror Games That Make Great Nightmare Fuel - System Shock

These upcoming horror games will have you waking up in a cold sweat, guaranteed.

System Shock

You awake from a deep coma to find that you’re on a space station infested with rogue AI and mutant beings. Does this story sound familiar? System Shock, the beloved 90’s space RPG is getting remastered and reimagined by the developers at Night Dive Studios. System Shock revolutionized gaming with its unique gameplay style. Its use of audio logs also made for a truly interactive storytelling experience. The UI and graphics will be getting a pretty drastic facelift but the game will still hold true to the classic experience.

Fun Fact: System Shock inspired the popular game Bioshock which has been said to be System Shock’s spiritual successor. Although Bioshock may not be a direct sequel, you’ll find easter eggs that reference to the original System Shock game. System Shock is slated for release late in 2017, but you can try the Alpha of System Shock free on Steam now. Be sure to check out the Kickstarter for System Shock as well!

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