Friday The 13th The Game's Brutal New Kill-Focused Trailer

This bloody trailer for Friday The 13th was clearly meant for players with strong stomachs.

Last weekend, the development studio behind the upcoming asymmetrical multiplayer game adaptation of the iconic Friday the 13th slasher film series unveiled a new trailer during the PAX West convention, and the trailer perfectly encapsulates the unnerving violence from the films which the development team is hoping to transfer over into the game. 

The three-minute trailer technically features gameplay footage, though it’s solely comprised of Jason executing various camp counselors in a horrifyingly brutal fashion (the game’s concept involves a group of player-controlled counselors trying to survive against and ultimately defeat a player-controlled Jason Voorhees).


Many of the kills featured in the trailer have been taken directly from various Friday the 13th movies, serving as cringe-inducing nods to the cinematic legacy of Jason Voorhees and his penchant for violently slaying hapless teenagers. Be warned, despite the fact that they feature digital avatars, the kills shown in the trailer are very violent and gruesome, definitely not something you want to watch on a work computer or while there are young children nearby. Friday the 13th The Game doesn’t yet have a specific release date, though the development team is shooting for a release sometime in October 2016.

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