Insanely Difficult Games That Will Drive You Crazy - Page 3

Work up a sweat and try to not break your keyboard in these hard-to-beat indies.

Enter The Gungeon

Where would this list be without a roguelike dungeon crawler? The genre seems to embody the very definition of "difficult" and have been the ire of gamers for decades. We feel Enter The Gungeon is best summed up by Steam user CopabX’s review: “You will cry. You will scream. You will find a rainbow chest and become a believer in RNG-esus...and then die in Bullet Hell anyways.” There are other players who whisper rumors of a third floor in Enter The Gungeon, but actually reaching that floor? Good luck. Buy Enter The Gungeon on Steam

Titan Souls

In Titan Souls by Acid Nerve you’re a barefoot child armed with a single arrow forced to go up against gargantuan bosses. What could possibly go wrong? Titan Souls strips away the comfort of unlimited ammo, or even the possibility of replenishing your ammo, and instead gives you one arrow to defeat them all. When you let loose your arrow, you will naturally have to scamper after it to retrieve it. You’re constantly on the move trying to determine the best way to take down each titan. Not only that, but the game never gets any easier or less frustrating. Buy Titan Souls on Steam

Hotline Miami

Ah, Hotline Miami… how we both love you and at the same time are eternally driven crazy by you. Developer Dennaton Games must have had a sadistic streak when they created the masterpiece that is Hotline Miami. The art direction, music, and gameplay overall are nothing short of brilliant. Unfortunately, the game is also one of the most challenging games you’ll play. We’re not exaggerating, just read Steam user klosar’s review of the game: “50% Pressing R, 40% breaking keyboards, mouses (stuff like that), 10% chance of mental breakdown” If you think you’ve got what it takes, give Hotline Miami a try and let us know in the comments how you do. Buy Hotline Miami on Steam!  


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