Insanely Difficult Games That Will Drive You Crazy - Page 2

Work up a sweat and try to not break your keyboard in these hard-to-beat indies.

Devil Daggers

Devil Daggers by developer Sorath is an interesting little indie title. The game is a fast-paced, frenzied FPS shooter inspired by arcade games of the 1990s. Visually, it may remind you of Doom, or Quake, and maybe even Unreal Tournament. The name of the game in Devil Daggers it to survive as long as you can against waves of unforgiving enemies. We’ve put together a Devil Daggers beginner's guide here on IO to help get you started, and if we had one key tip for you, it’s to be patient. Very, very patient. Buy Devil Daggers on Steam

Salt and Sanctuary

The island you’re tasked with exploring in Ska Studios’ memorable title, Salt and Sanctuary, may first grab your attention through its visual aesthetic. Although the game is dazzling to look at, just below its artistic surface hides some seriously challenging gameplay. You’ll grind for hours in Salt and Sanctuary, face clever traps, and have to master some pretty cryptic mechanics. It’s no wonder people get salty (pardon the pun) while playing this game. Buy Salt and Sanctuary on Steam

Don't Starve

Some may disagree with associating the word "challenging" with Klei's popular title, Don't Starve. However, if you think about it, the game is honestly quite rough. As Wilson, you're dropped off in a randomly generated world by the antagonist Maxwell, given no instructions, and are pretty much left to fend for yourself. You understand the concept of "not starving" but what about everything else? There are countless things in Don't Starve that can kill you, and the game refuses to show you any mercy. Death wipes all of your progress, so if you finally got the hang of the game and made yourself a nice base camp, then made one teeny tiny error... you have to start all over. Buy Don't Starve on Steam

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