Name That Game Screenshot Quiz

Test your gaming knowledge with this fun screenshot quiz.

Do you own an impressive Steam library that your friends can't help but drool over? With the hundreds upon hundreds of games on the market right now, you've undoubtedly played your fair share of indies across all genres. Some of those indies have gone on to become overwhelming successes such as Minecraft and Don't Starve, while others have remained relatively obscure.

Below, we've compiled screenshots of 10 different indie games to test your knowledge. We bet you can't name all 10 of them! However, that's not necessarily a bad thing because if you see a game on this list that's unfamiliar, we highly recommend checking them out, as many of these indie games are our personal favorites! 

Mystery Screenshot 1

Starting off with an easy one, this underwater indie recently came out not too long ago, and features the musical composition of Journey’s Austin Wintory.

Mystery Screenshot 2 

In this episodic indie game, one of the main protagonist’s trucks has a license plate referencing the popular TV show, Twin Peaks.

Mystery Screenshot 3

This horror adventure game follows the adventures of detective Paul Prospero, and boasts some absolutely gorgeous scenery!

Mystery Screenshot 4 

In this indie, you have to decide whether or not to let this lady through the border, or send her away. Be quick about it, because your family is starving!

Mystery Screenshot 5

Here you'll search for your long-lost uncle as you swing through caverns and fantastical worlds via the use of a unique looking grappling hook.

Mystery Screenshot 6

Ouch, those saws look painful! This indie game is brutally difficult, we bet you can’t name it... or can you? Collect those Atomiks, maggot!

Mystery Screenshot 7

Think of this indie as a cross between No Man’s Sky and Terraria. Hey, if you're having trouble with No Man's Sky on PC, this game is always a good alternative.

Mystery Screenshot 8 

A game where you can ride a roller-coaster created from your very own music. In addition, beating Dragonforce’s “Through The Fire and Flames” will earn you serious props in the musical title.

Mystery Screenshot 9

In this game, you play as a writer in search of his wife. Bright Falls is a dangerous place, so keep that flashlight handy!

Mystery Screenshot 10

In this indie, you take control of a medieval dynasty from 1066 to 1453. This strategy title will definitely have you playing the long game, and will make you think twice who you marry! 

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