To The Moon HD Mobile Release

How players will be soon able to experience To The Moon on their mobile devices.

To The Moon is a poignant indie game with a gorgeous soundtrack and charming pixel art style. Initially released in 2011, the game rapidly grew in popularity and notoriety based off of its memorable story. The gameplay centers around time travel, as two doctors are tasked with journeying through one man’s memories in order to help grant his dying wish of traveling to the moon. Needless to say, To The Moon's story is both beautiful and melancholy, and one of our favorites here at Indie Obscura!  

Recently, the exciting news dropped that not only will To The Moon be released on devices including iOS and Android, but the game’s mobile release is also receiving a nifty HD remaster. The mobile release of To The Moon is expected sometime in 2017 alongside its sequel, Finding Paradise. In the upcoming sequel, the two doctors from the original game will return and attempt to alter the memories of a brand new patient. Both To The Moon and its sequel, Finding Paradise, were developed solely by Ken Gao.

To learn more about Ken Gao and To The Moon’s mobile release, be sure to check out the new trailer below.

If you’re more interested in To The Moon’s sequel, Finding Paradise, be sure to explore the game’s beautiful art and music which were recently revealed in Ken Gao’s teaser trailer of the project.

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