Modern retro-themed horror games with PS1 visuals

New twists on old haunts.

The only rose-tinted glasses we’re after have been stained red with blood. Horror video games are in the middle of a retro revival. Inspired by the blocky, grainy experience of gaming in the PS1 era, indie developers have been creating a new yet unmistakably old wave of horror titles. Whether you’re into survival horror and fiendish puzzles or just long for the lost days of being scared witless by murky visuals on a small screen, here are some of the best new horror titles with PS1-style visuals that you can play today. 

Modern retro-themed horror games


Available on: PC, Switch, PlayStation, Xbox

modern retro themed horror games
© rose-engine

If you’re a fan of classic survival horror games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil, don’t miss Signalis. Ingenious and unsettling fixed perspectives, inventory management, and puzzles – all the hallmarks of the survival horror golden era are present. But where Signalis truly excels is in its world and narrative. 

The sci-fi plot follows a technician android who, after her ship crash lands on an unknown world, enters an unsettling facility to search for her missing companion. The tale which unfolds is far from so straightforward, digging painfully into the foundations of concepts like memory, identity, and love. A complex, brilliantly wrought story packed within an unmistakably classic gaming package.

Tartarus Key

Available on: PC, Switch, PS4

The tartarus key modern retro horror games ps1 graphics
© Vertical Reach

Releasing on May 31, the Tartarus Key promises to pack mysteries aplenty into its old-school-inspired tale of psychological horror. Puzzles are at the heart of the experiences, which sees protagonist Alex Young awaken in a strange, trap-laden mansion. Alex isn’t the only one locked within the building’s walls, but it’s up to you whether she’ll work with the other captives or leave them to face an unpleasant end. 

Tartarus Key looks to deliver plenty of unsettling atmosphere paired with gameplay that favors “puzzles and plot instead of combat or chase sequences.” So if you’re keen to get scared without high-skill input requirements, consider booking a visit to this malicious mansion.

Iron Lung

Available on: PC, Switch

ps1 style horror games iron lung retro graphics
© David Szymanski

The modern revival of retro-horror had led to a glorious (and often gorey) glut of micro-horror experiences. Among them, Iron Horror is a uniquely singular take on the genre. In it, you’re the sole pilot of a small submarine exploring an alien ocean of blood. 

Navigating the cramped space, you’ll need to learn the craft’s controls as you attempt to navigate the murky depths – a world visible only through grainy camera images you have to manually trigger. It’s an an oppressive, claustrophobic experience that’ll have your imagination spiraling as to the source of the many sounds scraping across and humming through your hull.

Murder House

Available on: PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox One

modern horror games ps1 graphics retro murder house
© Puppet Combo

The Easter bunny is out to get you. A laughable idea, right up until Murder House’s serial-killing villain raises his long-eared head and sends you into a panic. The plot of this survival horror title is straight from a B-movie slasher flick: a local news crew turn up to a long-dead murderer’s house only to discover that – oh no! – he’s still alive and has sadistic plans for their imminent future. 

Just like its budget horror inspirations, Murder House flits between goofy humor, genuine terror, and blood-bathed gore throughout. Specifically designed to evoke the PS1-era aesthetic and featuring classic survival horror tank controls, it’s a novel, nostalgic blast best enjoyed with a friend or two watching along to share in the scares together.

Haunted PS1 Demo Disc

Available on: PC

retro themed horror games haunted ps1 demo disc 2021
© Kazumi Games Studios

Unsure of the exact PS1 horror experience you’re after? Check out the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc 2021. This free bundle packs in 25 miniature indie horror titles from numerous creators. The tone, genre, and quality of the included games various significantly, but all of them aim to evoke the feeling of games from the mid to late 1990s, and many will do a brilliant job raising the hairs on your neck while at it.

Enjoyed any other PS1-inspired retro horror games? Share them with us so we can scratch that spooky itch in the back of our skulls. We really should see a doctor about that…

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