The best-selling HyperX gear to gift this year

Looking for the perfect HyperX gift for someone this holiday season? Here's what always flies off the shelves.

If you know someone who appreciates the finer things in their gaming life, it can be hard to pick out the right bit of kit when it comes to buying them a gift. The perfect present can be found, however, and with minimal research. You don’t even have to know what DPI means, or how many kilohertz are good.

As long as you know they’re a fan of good quality gaming gear, or maybe even have a few pieces of HyperX kit already in their setup, you can’t go wrong with these tried and true crowd pleasers. So here’s the best-selling HyperX gear that will take all the guesswork out of your holiday gift buying this year.

HyperX best-selling gifts

A Naruto keyboard

One of the hottest collabs of the year, and a two-fer if your intended recipient loves one of the biggest anime shows of all time. The HyperX Alloy Origins keyboard comes in two special editions, themed after fan favorites Naruto and Itachi. Both come with mechanical key switches, compatability with PC, Xbox and PlayStation consoles, and a solid aluminum frame with detachable USB-C cable for easy transportation.

If you know they already have a decent keyboard they’re happy with, but they still love Naruto, there are some other great additions to their desk for you to consider. A headset, mouse mat or mouse, still in that striking orange or red colorway, will let them decorate as well as upgrade their setup. Get the Alloy Origins Naruto Edition here or check out the red Itachi Edition here.

A 7.1 surround sound headset

The HyperX Cloud Alpha S is a premium option for gamer immersion. Virtual 7.1 surround, toggled on or off with a built-in remote, gives clarity and bass without shaking the walls down. Honestly, it can be as much a gift for yourself if you want to get back some peace and quiet while they settle in for a lengthy Call of Duty multiplayer match.

Bass is adjustable for the gamer themselves, with on-cup sliders, and they can control the mix between their friends and the game from the remote too. And with a built-in boom mic with noise canceling, they’ll come through loud and clear on comms, too. Get the HyperX Cloud Alpha S through the store here.

A beautiful microphone

If they don’t just want to sound good, then you can help your gamer gift recipient decorate their desk with an eye-catching microphone. The QuadCast S has a two-tone LED colorspace for customizing to their heart’s desire, as well as a professional-grade condenser microphone with multiple options for getting the best quality recording.

A built-in pop filter smooths out plosive sounds for broadcast-quality voice work, ideal for aspiring streamers, actors or musicians. Or just tidying up a PC setup thanks to its good looks and compact footprint, with the option to mount on a boom arm too. Get the QuadCast S through the store here.

If you're after any more gift ideas for this year then check out our holiday gift guide hub for plenty of other inspiration for the festive season.

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