Holiday 2022 gaming gift guide hub

Discover all the best places to find gaming-themed gifts this holiday season.

Don’t let present picking stress you out this holiday season, just refer to our 2022 holiday gaming gift ideas for friends, family, and loved ones. We’ve got video-game-themed recommendations for all the major platforms and a variety of price tags. So if you if there’s a video game lover in your life that you’d like to treat this year, scroll down to the relevant pages below for a wealth of achievement-worthy present suggestions.

Holiday 2022 gaming gift guide hub

holiday 2022 gaming gift guide hub
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Below you’ll find all our 2022 holiday gift guides for gamers collated for your easy perusal. Read on for a little more information on what each gift guide includes, then click the title to jump to that guide and start browsing those gifts.

The best-selling HyperX gear to gift this year

A new headset, keyboard, or microphone makes for a heck of a gift, but with so many options out there which ones should you buy? In this curated list, we've picked out the best-selling HyperX products that are guaranteed to upgrade any gaming setup. You don't need to know the first thing about kilohertz or technical specs -- these are the most popular products for a reason. Read the full HyperX best-selling gift guide here.

Xbox Series X/S holiday gift guide

The Xbox Series X/S suffers from a bit of a dearth when it comes to truly next-gen games, but there are still plenty of gifts you can buy for someone who has picked one up – especially when Game Pass might have their gaming library sorted already. Our guide includes accessories like headsets and storage, as well as a few games that’d make excellent gifts as well. To find out more, visit our Xbox Series X/S holiday gift guide.

PlayStation 5 holiday gift guide

Over on the Sony sides of things, heavy-hitting video games are a bit more abundant, even if the console itself can still be tricky to acquire. If you know someone who’s managed to get hold of a PlayStation 5, then we have all the accessories and presents that they’ll need to enjoy their winter break to the fullest in our PS5 gift guide.

Nintendo Switch holiday gift guide

While other platforms are obsessing over ray tracing and other fancy features, the Nintendo Switch continues to trundle along with a great collection of games and some of the best accessories out there. If you’re buying for a Nintendo lover, you’d do well to check out our Switch holiday gift guide for some handy accessories and extras they might love.

Affordable gaming-themed holiday gifts and stocking stuffers

Gaming-themed presents can prove pretty pricey, and not every holiday gift needs to be a blowout expense. If you’re after presents that won’t drain your wallet like an avaricious vampire then stop by our affordable gaming-themed holiday gift guide. Inside you’ll find a range of inexpensive ideas for your gaming friends and family.

Beginner gamers holiday gift guide

Know someone who wants to get into gaming? Enouraging your kid to pick up a controller? Here are the key things that'll enhance any greenhorn gamer's experience, including suggested games, headsets, accessories, and more. Read all the ideas for beginner gifts here.

Streamer starter kit

Know an aspiring streamer who needs some help getting off the ground in terms of gear? We've broken down the key bits of equipment they'll need to get cracking on Twitch, YouTube, or any other platform. Click here to read our full guide.

The best wireless gaming gear gifts 2022

Make tangled cables a ghost of Christmas past. Going wireless when gaming is a surprising freeing experience, making it an ideal gift for gamers who are already stocked up on most conventional goods. In this gift guide we've picked out the premium of wireless headsets, earbuds and mice to give as a gift this holiday season. Click here for the best wireless gaming gear gifts of 2022.

The best video game cookbooks

Cookbooks are always a great gift. Not only will you make the recipient happy, there’s a good chance that you’ll have convinced them to rustle up some tasty grub for you in the near future. In our roundup of the best video game cookbooks, you’ll find recipes from or inspired by games like Skyrim, Fallout, Overwatch, Destiny, and more. Honestly, we’re hungry just thinking about it.

Gifts for the music-loving gamer

Soundtracks stick with us, so if you have a friend who keeps a video game vinyl collection or wants to learn their favorite tunes on piano, indulge them. We've rounded up a mix of gifts made to appeal to audio lovers who love to game. Read our holiday gift guide for music-loving gamers here.

That’s the full run of our holiday 2022 gaming gift guides right now, but we’re regularly updating with new roundups and suggestions – check back again soon for even more gift suggestions!

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