Cult of the Lamb: How to get Grass

Learn how to get Grass in Cult of the Lamb so you can feed your followers and craft everything you desire.

In Cult of the Lamb Grass is a key resource you’ll need to perform certain rituals, build buildings, and cook up a few dishes. As such, it’s vital to know how to get grass in Cult of the Lamb as early as possible in your journey as a cult leader. In this guide, we’ll explain the difference places you can collect it so you’re never running short on supply.

Cult of the Lamb: How to get Grass

Cult of the lamb how to get grass
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The main way to get Grass in Cult of the Lamb is to attack the long patches of grass you’ll find in almost every room of a dungeon while out on Crusades. You’ll likely pick up a decent amount of Grass each outing just by chance, but you should actively swing at every patch of grass in a room once you’ve taken out the enemies in there. 

That goes for other rooms as well, including Tarot Card and shop rooms. Once you’ve done what you needed there, perform a quick loop of the room, hitting any grass patches, large mushrooms, and other items that can yield resources.

You can also increase your gains of all resources by selecting the Nature’s Boon Tarot Card when offered. This will reward you with increased Lumber and Stone as well, boosting all your supplies during that run.

How to get grass in cult of the lamb
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Depending on which doctrines you choose for your cult., it can be vital to collect as much Grass as you can  The Grass Eater Doctrine, for example, allows you to cook up Grass-based meals for your followers without any negative side effects. This makes Grass one of your most valuable resources for feeding followers at times that your hunger is in peril. 

Once you know how to get Grass in Cult of the Lamb, you should make sure you’re picking up a steady supply with each outing. With the method in mind, you should find that you collect more than enough for all your cooking and crafting needs – especially if your cult isn’t full of grass eaters. For more Cult of the Lamb help, head to our beginner’s tips and tricks to learn how to get your faithful followers firing on all cylinders.

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