Cult of the Lamb: how to give gifts

Learn how to give gifts in Cult of the Lamb to boost your follower's loyalty and effectiveness.

While you’re out fighting in Cult of the Lamb you’ll collect gifts that you can give as rewards to your followers. It isn’t clear how to go about doing this, however, so in this guide we’ll explain how to give gifts in Cult of the Lamb so you can boost the faith of your followers and level them up quickly.

Cult of the Lamb: how to give gifts

Cult of the lamb how to give gifts
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Gifts typically include necklaces and other items that your followers can wear. Once you’ve collected one you must return to your Cult to hand it over.

To give gifts in Cult of the Lamb, you need to approach a follower and speak with them. Once you’re talking, choose the Interact option from the wheel. It’s shown by a megaphone icon.

On the next menu, select the Gift option indicated by an icon of a present wrapped with a bow. You should then be able to select from all your available Cult of the Lamb gifts.

Cult of the lamb how to give gifts guide
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Giving a gift will provide a massive boost to that follower’s loyalty, and many also grant bonuses to certain actions or attributes. As such, we don’t recommend giving gifts to anyone. You'll want to check a follower's stats and traits by choosing the Read Mind option when speaking with them. You'll gain that ability very early from The One Who Waits, so don't forget to use it.

Give gifts that boost harvesting rate to followers you have set to collect wood and lumber (if you follow our Cult of the Lamb beginner’s tips, you should have plenty of Lumberyards and Stone Mines about). Give gifts that boost Devotion production to any followers you have instructed to worship.

How to give gifts in Cult of the Lamb
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If you manage to find a gift that drastically boosts the life expectancy of a follower, we recommend saving it for a follower with positive trait attributes. You’ll be able to make use of their bonuses for far longer, rather than suffering negative attributes like loss of faith on sacrifice.

That’s everything there is to know about how to give gifts in Cult of the Lamb. You’ll find plenty during crusades at shops and as boss rewards, so be sure to dish them out to your followers so you improve them and unlock extra Doctrines early. For more advice, check out our breakdown of how to sacrifice or our full 11 beginner's tips so you can expand your Cult effectively.

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