Stray: All notebook locations guide

Learn where to find all four notebooks in the Slums of Stray so you can learn more about the Outsiders.

Once you arrive in the Slums of Stray, you’ll be tasked to find four notebooks belonging to the Outsiders. This group lives on the upper levels of the Slums, but their hideouts can still be tricky to find if you’re not sure where to search. To that end, we’ve put together a guide to all notebook locations in Stray so you can convince Momo to aid your journey.

Stray: All notebook locations guide

Stray notebook locations guide
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There are four notebooks to find in Stray, belonging to Momo, Doc, Zbaltazar, and Clementine. We’ve shown where to find each of them below, so you can track down all notebook locations in Stray and move on with the story.

Momo’s Notebook location

Stray notebook locations guide momo
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Momo’s Notebook can be grabbed from within his house. You’ll be directed there by the Guardian when you first arrive at the Slums. It’s lit by an orange neon sign, visible up and to the right when looking away from the Elevator. To reach Momo’s apartment, make your way to the rooftops closest, the climb up on the vents above the corrugated metal platform beneath the orange sign.

Momo’s notebook is easy to find within his flat, but make sure you also grab the Sheet Music 1/8 hidden in the back room, as well as picking up the memory located in his bed area.

Clementine’s Notebook location

Stray notebook locations clementine guide
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Clementine’s Notebook is is in the Outsider house on the opposite side of the slums from Momo. You can spot it easily via the large Outsiders symbol spray painted onto the wall beside it (white dot eyes and a circular mouth on a blue background). Make your way over the rooftops until you can hop over to the narrow balcony and enter. 

To get the notebook, slip through the gap at the base of the sliding door inside and follow the room shape around to the desk. The notebook is propped on top of some computer monitors upon the desk. There’s also another Sheet Music on the shelves by the bed.

Doc’s Notebook location

Stray notebook locations doc's notebook
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Doc’s Notebook is located in the Library, at the back right up the upper Slums. From the Elevator, follow the rooftops along all the way to the back right, where you can see a blue sign lit up in the Outsiders logo. Be sure to also grab the nearby Energy Drinks from vending machines if you haven’t already.

All Notebook locations Doc's notebook
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Hop up from the roof with the dangling light chain and enter the library through the small gap between corrugated metal sheets. Inside you need to head to the back right corner. Piles of books are stacked here, but you can jump on and over them to find a note from Jess the librarian on the bed along with Doc’s keys.

Where to find all notebooks in stray guide
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Next, look for the middle lane of the library where several piles of books are hiding a safe behind them. Jump on and off them to knock them over and out of the way. Open the safe to find Doc’s Notebook within. While you’re in the Library, make sure you also get the next Sheet Music piece from the piano here.

Zbaltazar’s Notebook location

all notebook locations stray zbaltazar guide
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Zbaltazar’s Notebook location is by far the hardest to find. Looking toward Momo’s apartment, you should see two paint-can-throwing robots on the rooftops you can interrupt for the Super Spirit Detergent. For now, though, jump over to the roof with the paint thrower on the outside edge of the Slums. 

stray where to find all notebooks guide
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On the roof behind this Companion bot is a ventilation system with a fan spinning on its top. Pull out the battery on the side of the vents and the fan will stop, allowing you to drop down into the house. The room is messy, and Zbaltazar's notebook is hidden inside one of the piles of boxes within. Jump on the one against the far wall and then off again to knock it over and reveal the book. You can claw a new way out of the house via the blinds afterwards.

Where to find Zbaltazar's notebook stray guide
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Once you have all four Notebooks in Stray, return to Momo and show him what you’ve found. He’ll regain his inspiration to travel further upwards and offer to help you by repairing the Transmitter. For more Stray guides, we can help you figure out how to use the Electric Cable so you can get a poncho for Elliot and repair the Broken Tracker.

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