Stray: Plant locations

Learn where to find the yellow, red, and purple plants as you explore Antvillage in Stray.

At the top of Antvillage in Stray is a Companion called Malo looking to add certain plants to their collection. There are three plants to collect around and within Antvillage: you’ll need to find a Yellow Plant, Red Plant, and Purple Plant. In this guide we’ll walk you through the Plant locations in Stray so you can earn the Plant badge and make Malo happy.

Stray: Plant locations

Stray Plant locations guide antvillage plant badge - an image of the player talking to a robot called Malo who is looking for three plants in yellow, red, and purple colors.
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The three Plants you need to find are all in and around Antvillage, though you will need to explore some less obvious areas. Below we’ll guide you to the Yellow Plant location, Red Plant location, and Purple Plant location so you can quickly find which ones you’re missing. If you’ve just reached Antvillage, you’ll need to head up to speak with Zbaltazar to ensure B-12 is feeling ready to interact and chat once again – you won’t be able to collect the plants until they have.

Yellow Plant location

Stray plant locations where to find yellow plant - an image of the player cat standing on a pipe at the edge of the village with a prompt to take the yellow plant in front of them.
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You can find the Yellow Plant in Stray on the same level as Zbaltazar. Once you’ve arrived and spoken with them, B-12 will perk up again. Follow the building around past Zbaltazar and their many screens until you reach a ramen store with a customer sitting outside. 

Head past them to the edge of the platform and you’ll find you can hop down on a pipe. A short walk along this will lead you to the Yellow Plant location. Grab it then turn back.

Red Plant location

Stray plant locations where to find red plant - an image of the player cat standing at an edge with a bucket hanging in front of them. A large arrow points to the bucket.
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To find the Red Plant location in Stray, head to the lower level with the two Companion robots playing Mahjong. You can jump on top of their game to earn a trophy/achievement, but the plant we’re looking for is behind them. 

Where to find red plant stray guide - an image of the cat on top of a fridge with the prompt to take red plant above them on a bush
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At the edge of the platform is a bucket pulley system you can jump in to ride down to the water below. Hope down onto the pipe and follow it to jump over some barrels to a small island with two scavenging robots. Hop onto the rusted refrigerator and you’ll find the Red Plant on a bush here. You can use the wooden stilts next to the pipe to climb back up to the village.

Purple Plant location

Stray plant locations where to find purple plant - an image of the player cat looking up at a large tree trunk gowing up before them. An arrow points upwards onto the trunk.
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To find the Purple Plant in Stray, you need to be on the same level as the two mahjong-playing Companion robots once again. Follow the platform around to the left until you reach the segment with a robot sleeping on a couch and a Memory location to the right. 

Just before this section is a tree trunk growing out in a curve from the edge of the village. Approach closely and you can jump up onto the trunk and follow it up to reach the Purple Plant location. 

Purple Plant location stray guide - an image of the player cat standing on a narrow horizontal tree trunk with a prompt to take the puple plant in fornt of them.
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Once you have all three Plants, climb back up to Malo on Antivillage’s upper levels. Hand them over and you’ll not only bring a smile to one robot’s face, you’ll also earn the Plant Badge as a reward.

Stray antvillage plant locations guide plant badge - an image of the player receiving the Plant Badge item from Momo the Companion Robot
© BlueTwelve

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