QuadCast v SoloCast: Which Is Right For Your Broadcast?

Learn how to pick between the QuadCast and SoloCast, and how to set up your new microphone.

You’re in the market for a new microphone, but still on the fence about what sort you need? That’s understandable, there’s tons of options when it comes to mics, so if you’ve narrowed your choice down to the HyperX SoloCast or the QuadCast, then you’re doing well so far. To help you make that final decision, here’s some info about who each microphone is best suited for, and how to set up your mic once you do pull the trigger.


The HyperX SoloCast
The HyperX SoloCast

Great for: Students, first-time streamers

Powerful gear in a small package, the SoloCast is a simple plug n play USB microphone that will get you started in no time. With a tiny stand included, it won’t take up much room on your desk, or it can be mounted on a separate boom arm if you’d rather not have it on the desk at all. The SoloCast uses a cardioid polar pattern that prioritizes recording sounds from the area directly in front of it, so you can filter out some of the background noise. This is perfect for settings like the college dorm, and as the entry level mic in the HyperX range, it has a student-friendly price tag, too.

Though its cardioid microphone has just one polar pattern, compared to others in the HyperX range, it still features great quality of life functions like tap to mute and an adjustable stand. If the SoloCast stands a little too tall to fit on a shelf or under your monitor, you can turn it sideways and still get great recording quality. It can even be plugged into a PS4 or PS5 if you want to give your teammates a treat for the ears over the controller’s built-in mic.


The HyperX QuadCast
The HyperX QuadCast

Great for: Podcasters, performers, enthusiast gamers

If you’d prefer a little more control over your mic, and a more versatile piece of equipment, the QuadCast is a good step. It features the same, ultra-useful tap to mute in all HyperX microphones, but also features additional gain controls, and options for polar patterns. With the QuadCast, you can choose from 4 patterns, compared to the single pattern of the SoloCast. (Speaking of patterns… QuadCast - 4 patterns, SoloCast - 1 pattern) 

As well as the forward-focused cardioid pattern, the stereo polar pattern gives room and space to recordings, perfect for musicians recording for their next track. Omnidirectional mode will let you capture sound all around the mic, great for recording a room full of people, such as a conference meeting or multi-person podcasts. Or if your podcasts have fewer hosts talking over each other, bi-directional mode recreates the cardioid focus in two directions, for face-to-face interviews or podcasts.

Recording quality and setup is improved with the included stand, built-in shock absorber and pop filter, to give you clean, professional-quality audio from the jump.

QuadCast S

The HyperX QuadCast S
The HyperX QuadCast S

Great for: Aspiring Twitch partners, interior decorators

If you need your setup to have that little bit of extra wow factor, the QuadCast S has all the great features of the QuadCast, but with RGB lighting, too. Tap-to-mute, gain control, four polar patterns, shock-absorbing boom mount attachments, AND two-zone RGB lighting? That’s catnip for gamers going pro on streaming platforms. Download the NGENUITY software to get a lighting setup that amplifies your personal brand, and then make sure you have it in frame before you go live. Instant shot of stunning style.

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