Genshin Impact Silk Flower locations and uses

Learn where to find Silk Flowers in Genshin Impact so you can Ascend your favorite characters quickly and efficiently!

Genshin Impact’s Silk Flower resource is restricted to a few specific locations across the world of Teyvat. To help you gather this Ascension Material, we’ve rounded up the Genshin Impact Silk Flower locations for easy farming. Along with showing you where to find Silk Flowers in Genshin Impact, we’ll also explain what they’re used for.

Genshin Impact Silk Flower locations and uses

Genshin Impact Silk flower locations and uses
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You’ll find Genshin Impact Silk Flower locations in two specific spots across the Liyue region. The first place to farm Silk Flowers is in Liyue Harbor. Drop down from the upper teleport point and you’ll find Silk Flowers in the patches of grass next to rock monuments, trees, and bamboo plants in the positions shown above. It shouldn’t take long to collect them

Where to find Silk Flowers in Genshin Impact
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The second place to find Silk Flowers in Genshin Impact is around Wangshu Inn. There are seven Silk Flower locations dotted around the path which runs past Wangshu Inn. Look for them sprouting from the grass to the sides of the stone path which travels north to south. You’ll also find a couple over the northern wooden bridge. A few are located close to planted umbrellas.

Silk Flowers appear as bundles of red flowers sprouting from the ground. Each Genshin Impact Silk Flower location will reward you with two Silk Flowers. They respawn every 48 hours. To farm them, you’ll simply need to repeatedly visit the two locations marked above to grab them all.

Silk Flower are used as Ascension Materials for Xingqiu and Hu Tao. For each character you’ll need a total of 168 Silk Flowers for their full level up costs, which means you can expect to be farming an awful lot of them as you play. Thankfully, it only takes a couple of minutes to reach every Silk Flower location in Genshin Impact.

Now that you’ve learned where to find Genshin Impact Silk Flower locations, why not check out our guide for Fluorescent Fungi as well? You’ll need to grab those from Inazuma if you want to level up Thoma. For everything else, visit our hub page for the game to learn more.

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