Far Cry 6 Industrial Circuits Locations guide

Find this super handy crafting resource with our guide.

Far Cry 6 has a litany of weapons and other gear you can find, craft and upgrade. But to do so, you will need plenty of industrial circuits, which are necessary for upgrading Resolver weapons. Gathering this vital crafting resource will be much easier when you know where to look. So, here are the locations of industrial circuits in Far Cry 6.

Far Cry 6 Industrial Circuits Locations guide

Far Cry 6 Industrial Circuits Locations guide © Ubisoft
 © Ubisoft

Unfortunately, unlike some of the other important crafting resources in Far Cry 6, you can't get Industrial Circuits just by playing through the game's main campaign, or even side missions. They are actually a fairly limited resource, with only a few locations and methods for acquiring them. 

Lola's Black Market

The easiest way to get industrial circuits in Far Cry 6 is going to be buying them from Lola's Black Market. Lola and her less-than-legal goods can be found at any of the three main guerilla bases, but only once you've actually gotten them set up by doing faction missions for either the Monteros, Maximas Matanzas, or the Legends. Lola is also the person you need to talk to for Special Operations, but when you speak with her you can also access the Black Market tab. It should be noted that Lola only accepts Far Cry 6's Moneda currency. You can earn Moneda by completing co-op multiplayer missions, Special Operations, and the weekly Insurgency. 

Trading meat

Another path to getting industrial circuits in Far Cry 6 is meat trading. Specifically, trading high quality meat types: alpha crocodile meat, alpha coyote meat, and alpha jaguar meat. To get this higher quality meat, you will need to take extra care while hunting, especially if you haven't upgraded the Hunting Lodge yet. Try to use weapons like bows, rather than guns to preserve the quality of the meat you're trading. 

Libertad hideouts

Each Libertad hideout you encounter will have a blue Libertad chest inside. Occasionally, these will contain industrial circuits. 


You can also sometimes get industrial circuits as a reward for completing ambushes in Far Cry 6. 

That's all there is to finding industrial circuits in Far Cry 6. For more Far Cry 6 features and guides, check out our game hub.


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