Metroid Dread: How to save

Learn how to save your progress in Metroid Dread so that Samus isn't backtracking any more than necessary.

Samus may have lost her memories, but that doesn’t mean you need to lose your progress. Learn how to save in Metroid Dread and you can be sure you won’t have to repeat your steps any more than the expected level of backtracking. When Emmis lurk in the corridors, our Metroid Dread how to save guide will keep your progress safe, if not Samus herself.

Metroid Dread: How to save

Metroid Dread How to save progress
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To save in Metroid Dread you need to visit a Save Station. This system should be familiar to anyone who has played a Metroid Game before, but in case you’re new, here’s how it works: Dedicated save rooms are scattered around each environment in Metroid Dread. Entering one and activating the machine inside will save your progress. It won’t restore your missiles, however. For that, you’ll need an Ammo Station.

Save Stations are visible on the map as an icon with a series of horizontal bars. They also typically have the same shape and structure. While you can check these at any time on your map, we’d also highly advice making a mental note of their positions so you can easily navigate back to one any time you want to save in Metroid Dread or are looking to heal. 

How to save in metroid dread
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You can also save in Metroid Dread by interacting with a Network Station or other critical equipment like a Map Room. Network Stations are used to interact with your contacts above the surface and will prompt you to save after you use them. While useful, Network Station are far less common than Save Stations, so you won’t typically rely on them to save your progress. You can see Network Stations on your map marked by a crosshair-style icon in a ring with lines.

Finally, Metroid Dread also include a checkpoint system that will save whenever you enter a new and relatively safe room. Should you die, you’ll be returned to this entrance on the health you had at the time. Be warned, this won’t save your progress permanently. If you quit the game, you’ll continue from the last Save Station you stopped at. Make sure you reach a Save Station before you stop playing or you’ll risk losing your progress.

That’s everything there is to know about how to save in Metroid Dread. Make sure you know how to avoid losing your progress as you explore the planet ZDR. While you’re learning, our full controls guide will make sure you’re mastering Samus’ kit. For everything else on Samus' adventures, check out our hub page for the game

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