Video games celebrating Pride Month

How to get involved with Pride Month 2021 celebrations in your favorite video games.

Pride Month is here and several of your favorite video games are offering the chance to celebrate through special events or unlockable cosmetics available throughout June. We’ve rounded up the games which have announced Pride 2021 celebrations so far to let you know how to get involved.

Video games celebrating Pride Month 2021

Rocket League

Rocket League Pride 2021
© Psyonix

Rocket League developer Psyonix has partnered with a number of LGBTQ+ musicians for Pride Month this year, creating the Love ISLV playlist. It’s available to listen to via the Rocket League Radio this month, and the entire bundle will be claimable for free once it reaches the Item Shop at 6pm PT (9pm ET) on June 21. In addition, you can also claim the rainbow-colored Love ISLV Wheels from the item shop for free this month.

Here are all the tracks included in the Love ISLV playlist:

  • "Imagine" by Ben Platt
  • "Platinum" by Big Freedia 
  • "Bad Girl" by Daya 
  • "Found My Friends" by Hayley Kiyoko
  • "Malibu" by Kim Petras 
  • "PAIN" by King Princess
  • "MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)" by Lil Nas X 
  • "STUD" by Troye Sivan


Valorant Pride 2021
© Riot

Riot is offering Pride bundles in most of their major games this month, including a range of player cards and titles for Valorant. Valorant’s Pride cards include specific variants for Bisexual, Lesbian, Pansexual, Asexual, Non-Binary, and Trans Pride, as well as a title for allies. To claim them you’ll need to redeem specific codes on the Valorant website within June, so follow the steps detailed here to obtain the Valorant Pride cards and titles.

League of Legends

League of legends Pride 2021
© Riot

Riot detailed extensive plans to add Pride celebrations to all their Runeterra games a while back, and missions are already available in League of Legends to complete which unlock Pride icons, emotes, and more. The unlocks this year are centered around the story of two Legends, Leona and Diana. You’ve got until the end of June to complete the missions and earn the rewards. Here are all the available missions and rewards:

  • Love That Encircles the Horizon
    • Earn 50 points
      • Win a game with a friend: 5 pts
      • Lose a game with a friend: 3 pts
      • Win a game: 2 pts
      • Lose a game: 1pt
    • Reward: Beside You Emote
  • Together We Are Strong
    • As a team, kill 4 Dragons
    • OR play 3 games
    • Reward: 500 B.E.
  • Every Color Under the Sun
    • Deal 20k damage to champions
    • OR play 3 games as, with, or against Leona
    • OR play 6 games
    • Reward: Pride 2021 Icon
  • The Moon Reflects the Truth
    • Earn 20k gold
    • OR play 3 games as, with, or against Diana
    • OR play 6 games
    • Reward: Pride 2021 Emote

There’s also a range of Pride themed merch available from the League of Legends store from June 1 to July 31, with 100% of net proceeds going to the It Gets Better Project.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

Pride 2021 video games teamfight tactics
© Riot

New mobile title Wild Rift isn’t missing out on the Pride part either, adding seven different Poro icons, a rainbow homeguard trail, and an emote. Here are the missions you need to complete before the end of June:

  • We Win Together
    • Play 1 game
    • Reward: 7 Rainbow Poro Icons and 1 homeguard trail
  • United We Play
    • Play 10 games with either a Pride icon or the homeguard trail equipped
    • Reward: Pride 2021 Emote

Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra pride 2021
© Riot

Legends of Runeterra is offering Pride Month celebrations in the form of the Jubilant Colors bundle, which can be collected from the in-game store for free.

Teamfight Tactics

Players can unlock the Pride boom to celebrate their victory in seven different styles. Simply complete the Sun and Moon mission by playing a team with Diana and Leona and you’ll gain the Pride rewards along with 200xp towards your Reckoning pass.

Forza, Halo, and Microsoft’s catalogue

Forza pride 2021 microsoft
© Playground Games

Microsoft detailed Pride Month plans in a recent blog post, highlighting that both Forza Horizon 4 and Forza Motorsport 7 would give the 2021 Forza Rainbow livery for free to all players. In Halo: The Master Chief Collection, a Unity nameplate will be granted to anyone who logs in during June. There are also several new profile themes and some stylish Xbox Pride merch you can read about here, along with details of Microsoft’s donations toward LGBTQ+ supporting nonprofits across the globe. It’s also worth noting that Tell Me Why is free on Xbox consoles, Windows 10, and Steam PC from June 1 - 30 in celebration of Pride Month.

Square Enix

While not an in-game event, we couldn’t miss highlighting Square Enix’s commitment to Pride here. Limited-edition merch featuring the company’s Pride mascot is available from the Square Enix store, with all profits going to GLAAD and Stonewall.’s Queer Games Bundle 2021

Pride 2021 queer games bundle video games
© milkkylemon

And finally, if you’d like to support diverse game developers and enjoy some indie video game Pride celebrations, has a Queer Games Bundle available which features 200 games created by LGBTQ+ artists. There’s a huge range of games in there, from RPG systems to dating sims with spectacular titles like Yuki's Palpitating, Passionate, Phenomenal, and quite frankly Proficient quest for a (hot) girlfriend!!!

Those are all the video games celebrating Pride Month 2021 that we’ve seen so far, but we’ll aim to update this list as more companies announce festivities available in their universes. If you know of any that we've missed, share them in the comments section below!

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