How to play Breeze in Valorant

The new Valorant map hasn't been added to the unrated or competitive map pools, but you can still play it thanks to a dedicated queue.

The latest patch to Valorant brings a brand new level called Breeze to explore and tussle over. Intriguingly, however, it hasn’t been added directly to the core map pool. Below, we’ll explain how to play Breeze in Valorant and why it’s been split off from the other available levels.

How to play Breeze in Valorant

How to play Breeze in Valorant
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Breeze was added in Valorant’s 2.08 update (full patch notes here), but developer Riot Games isn’t quite comfortable throwing it into the traditional competitive and unrated search queues just yet. As such, if you want to play Breeze in Valorant, you’ll need to hit the Play button from the main menu, then select the Breeze queue from the list of available modes. It should be located between Escalation and Custom Game on the right hand side.

Alternatively, Breeze is also available in the Spike Rush, Deathmatch, and Escalation game modes, but you’ll be reliant on the random map selection to drop you into games there. You can also explore the map at your leisure using the Custom Games option.

Riot does plan to add Breeze to both the standard Unrated and Competitive queues, but not for a couple of weeks. This two-week window is likely to give the game’s community time to discover any pesky bugs or exploits (such as the infamous Killjoy out-of-bounds turret or Omen TPs). It’s also a bit of time to gauge how the new map has been received by both pros and general players. It’s likely not enough of a window to make any major adjustments to the layout, but could influence the design for the near future.

Now that you know how to play Breeze in Valorant you can head there and catch some rays. Just try not to catch too many bullets while you’re at it. For more Valorant content, our hub page for the game should be your next stop.

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