How to unlock minion types in Evil Genius 2

Learn how to unlock the advanced minion types in your Evil Genius 2 campaign.

Along with the standard grunt worker, playing through Evil Genius 2’s tutorial will also unlock the basic minion types of Scientist, Technician, and Valet. However, the Muscle, Deception, and Science categories each hold several more advanced minions to unlock. However, it isn’t entirely clear how to unlock advanced minion types in Evil Genius 2, so we’ve put together a quick guide on exactly that.

How to unlock minion types in Evil Genius 2

How to unlock minion types in Evil Genius 2
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All options to unlock advanced minions appear as Side Stories as you play through the game. If you’re working through the tutorial, you’ll need to complete several different introductions to mechanics (including Henchmen and Crime Lords) before you get the chance for them to appear on your Side Story list.

Open the Objectives menu from the side menu and swap to the Side Stories page. In here any options to unlock minion types will be listed as Minion Recruitment in their subheading. It’s a good idea to complete these missions any time they’re available. Start the Minion Recruitment Side Story then head to your World Stage. You should now be able to find a special scheme icon somewhere on the map relating to the Side Story you just started – the rotating symbol should make that of the side story itself. 

Once you find the scheme, start it up and your workers will be sent out to kidnap the class you’re after. They’ll be brought back to your base and placed in any prison cells you have. Interrogate them on an interrogation chair and you’ll complete the Side Story, unlocking the new minion type for your base. Don’t forget to use the minion manager to start the new minions type training as soon as possible!

That’s all there is to know about how to unlock new advanced minion types in Evil Genius 2. Head to our hub page to find more handy tips and tricks like the max minion cap for the game.

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