Maquette: Golden ticket puzzle solution

Learn the trick to solve the golden ticket puzzle in Maquette's early stages.

Early during your time in Maquette’s reciprocal world, the golden ticket puzzle will hand you an entry token to the evening fair. Unfortunately, the golden ticket you’ve got is far too big to fit into the receptacle at the gates. The golden ticket puzzle solution will teach you a lot about how to approach Maquette’s future puzzles, making it a key point in the game. Below, we’ll explain how to solve the golden ticket puzzle in Maquette so you can enjoy the lovey-dovey evening at the fair.

Maquette: Golden ticket puzzle solution

Maquette golden ticket puzzle solution
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The golden ticket puzzle solution in Maquette is quite simple, once you know the trick. All you need to do is place the large ticket down in the courtyard ring close to the gate you want to access. 

How to solve the golden ticket puzzle in maquette
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Next, head inward to the smaller replica of the environment. Look for the place you dropped the ticket within the replica and you’ll find a small scale version of the same ticket. You can then pick this up and carry it back outward to the larger world.

Maquette golden ticket puzzle guide
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Take the small ticket to the gate and press O to hold it out in front of you. Approach the ticket receptacle and it should automatically slot the smaller ticket in and allow you access to the fair.

golden ticket maquette puzzle guide
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The Golden ticket puzzle solution teaches you that any interactable items are replicated to scale in each version of the world, and that it's possible to carry the sizes between worlds. In this manner, you can change each item’s size, whether it’s a bridge, key, or golden ticket, to fit the stage place it's needed. You’ll want to remember that as you progress further through Maquette. Had trouble following any steps? Check the gfycat below to see the whole solution.

And with that, you now know how to solve the golden ticket puzzle in Maquette. We’ve got a few more puzzle solutions for you including the key puzzle from the chapter titled The Spiral, but we don’t want to spoil anything for you, so only head there when you’re ready!

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