How to upgrade the workbench in Valheim

Learn how to upgrade the workbench in Valheim so you can improve your crafting capabilities.

Hopefully you’re feeling crafty, because it’s about time we stepped up your tool-building skills. To do so in Valheim you’ll need to upgrade the workbench, that oh-so-valuable- bit of kit in your house. The game doesn’t make it all too obvious how to go about it, so in this guide we’ll explain how to upgrade the workbench in Valheim.

How to upgrade the workbench in Valheim

How to upgrade the workbench in Valheim
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To upgrade the workbench in Valheim you need to craft an item called the Chopping Block. If you stand by your workbench, equip a hammer and whack open your crafting menu (right click, by default), you should see the Chopping Block as a Building Improvement you can craft. It costs 10 Wood and 10 Flint, so head out and gather those up if you can. Flint is typically found near water, so check the beach or riverbanks. Wood can be gathered quickly from old buildings. If you haven’t got the Chopping Block recipe yet, all you need to do is find some Flint to unlock it.

With the resources you need in hand, you can now upgrade the workbench in Valheim. Stand nearby, equip the hammer, and craft the Chopping Block. Drop it next to the workbench and it should automatically upgrade it to the next level.

Beyond the Chopping Block, you can also upgrade the workbench by crafting a Tanning Rack and Adze. The recipe for the former is unlocked by killing a deer for the first time, while the latter will take some work as you need to collect Fine Wood and craft Bronzing Nails. In both cases, you simply need to craft the item and chuck it on the ground next to your workbench to upgrade it.

That’s all we can teach you about how to upgrade your workbench in Valheim. Crafting the parts is straightforward enough, but chucking them on the ground next to the workbench is an easy thing to miss. Hopefully you can now move on to bigger and better builds! For more Valheim guides, head on over to our hub page for the survival game.

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