Holiday update haul: All the big holiday events in gaming

Which games are getting a delivery from Santa's sack? We've rounded all updates to the biggest games.

That shiver running down your spine can’t be blamed on spook season anymore, as we are well on our way into the frosty months of the gaming calendar. Fortunately, while we’re spending more time inside, we can at least enjoy the many festive gaming events which our favorite titles will be putting on in the late hours of the year. Collected below are all the big holiday events in gaming that we’ve heard of so far. Grab your coat, because things are getting snowy out there!

Holiday update haul: All the big holiday events in gaming

Among Us: Christmas hats

Available: Now

Among Us Holiday event 2020
© InnerSloth

Among Us unlocks a variety of christmas-themed hats and outfits if you play the game in December, letting you equip santa hats, reindeer antlers and more. All the options will unlock for free so long as the calendar for the device you’re playing on registers that it’s during december. Once unlocked, the outfits will remain available forever.

Apex Legends: Holo-Day Bash

Available: Now

The Holo-Day bash returns to Apex Legends as a winter event, bringing the Winter Express back for players to fight over in the limited-time mode. In addition, a plethora of new skins have been added, including outfits for newcomers Loba and Revanent, as well as an adorable reindeer look for Octane and a polar bear for Gibraltar. Rewards are available to earn between December 1 and January 4, and several legendary skins will be discounted on the store during phases of the event.

Dead by Daylight: Holiday Horror Collection

Available: Now

To celebrate a joyous time of year in which we all come together, Dead by Daylight is getting some outfits with festive flair for both Killers and Survivors. Bring the holiday spirit to your victims with the Krampus set for the Trapper, or let your hunter know just how little you respect them by running away in a penguin onesie. All the new outfits are available in the in-game store.

Destiny 2: The Dawning

Available: TBA

Destiny’s holiday event usually kicks off a little closer to Christmas day, so we’re not expecting news until next week. Typically festive activities involve dressing up silly and baking cookies to give to everyone in the tower. It’s a lovely time, really.

Fall Guys: Season 3

Available: December 15

Season 3 of Fall Guys is bringing extreme festive cheer, with penguin and reindeer outfits as well as seven brand new frosty themed levels. The new bunch includes a level with a skii slope, a team map which sees players fighting over a wind-up penguin, a cracking final called Thin Ice, and plenty of other obstacles to test your skills on. It's dropping December 15, as revealed at The Game Awards.

Fortnite: Winterfest 2020

Available: TBA

Fortnite Winter Event 2020 skins
© Epic Games

The yearly festive fun time in Fortnite will be returning in 2020 but Epic Games has yet to announce what’s included this time around. Last year Winterfest started on December 18, so we expect to hear more in the coming week. Expect free unlocks and items for players who take part during the 14 day runtime.

Overwatch: Winter Wonderland

Available: December 15

Much like Fortnite, Overwatch is expected to get its yearly bit of frosty fun, but Blizzard hasn’t announced the full suite of details just yet. Winter Wonderland 2020 arrives on December 15and runs until January 5. So far all we've really seen is a cute penguin skin for Mei, but we expect a few other fresh outfits to also arrive. It's also likely that the Yeti Hunter gamemode from last year will return. In it, one player controls Winston in his Yeti outfit as he attempts to steal meat from a map defended by six mei players.

Valorant: Snowball Fight

Available: December 15 onwards

Valorant holiday event 2020 snowball fight
© Riot Games

Valorant might take itself quite seriously in the competitive world, but this winter Riot has decided to lighten the mood. Valorant’s Snowball Fight mode is a fresh take on the team deathmatch format, with players firing snowballs out of launchers in a race to 50 kills. Suspiciously similar to Brimstone molotov launcher, these ones pack an infinite ammo reserve, though you’ll still be able to use a knife as backup. In addition, power ups will appear in both sides’ spawns which offer boosts like increasing snowball size or rate of fire. Oh, and you can expect some fancy decorations on Valorant’s only snow map, Icebox.

Those are all the holiday events we know of so far. We're still waiting for concrete details on several of them, and we'll do out best to update this list once they're properly announced. Which are you looking forward to taking part in? Let us know down in the comments section.

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