Everything you need to know about that PUBG AMA


Brendan Greene, also known by the factually incorrect moniker PlayerUnknown, has been hosting an AMA over on the PUBG subreddit.

In it everyone took turns to give their amazing game design expertise, which he politely accepted usually with a “we’re working on it” or “sounds interesting”, but a few areas of discussion threw up some juicy nuggets of info.

There are a bunch of progression systems in the works, including character levelling and weapon skill systems, which he was quick to point out would not affect gameplay.

Greene also took the time to deny that streamers received preferential treatment over the rest of the game’s millions of players.

“There's a lot of assumption and rumour flying around, and I would be careful as to what you take as truth,” he said. “As an example, we have never banned anyone for honking near a streamer, despite what others online may say!”

For more of the suggestions for the future direction of the game that may or may not be taken on board, check out the full AMA.


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