Affordable gaming-themed holiday gifts and stocking stuffers

How to spread the gaming love this holiday season without breaking the bank.

We don’t know about you but the new generation of consoles has left our bank balance looking somewhat undernourished this year. We’re not going to let that stop us from getting into the spirit of giving, however. Below, we’ve put together a list of affordable gaming holiday gifts to wrap up or pack into stockings of your family and friends.

Affordable gaming-themed holiday gifts and stocking stuffers

Our aim for this affordable gaming-themed holiday gift guide was to cover a range of budgets, with everything coming in at under $40. We’ve ordered our suggestions roughly in terms of price, so scroll down to the price bracket you’re after and see what piques your interest!

Among Us plushies or key rings

Price: $9 - $20

Affordable gaming-themed holiday gifts and stocking stuffers 2020
© SNcek

For a game about sci-fi betrayal and murder, Among Us sure has some cute little characters. Remind your friend or loved one about that time you lulled them into a false sense of security only to impale them on your alien tongue with these cute little plushies from Amazon. Alternatively, check out a backpack hangar for anyone who'd want to prove their innocence to someone walking behind them.

Gaming-themed coasters

Price: $10 - $13

affordable gaming themed gifts and stocking stuffers holiday 2020
© Paladone

For an affordable and cheery gaming holiday gift, consider grabbing a selection of themed coasters. There are plenty of options available including NES cartridges, PlayStation symbols, or these gorgeous Breath of the Wild discs. Don’t get the wrong one or you might inadvertently start another console war!

A Tom Nook beanie

Price: $17

Affordable gaming gifts and stocking stuffers
© Nintendo

If you were as obsessed with Animal Crossing: New Horizons as we were this year, you’ll likely have fallen in love with organizing raccoon landlord, Tom Nook. If you ask us, it was all downhill after he stopped giving the daily announcements. Share your love of Tom Nook this winter by grabbing an official beanie from Amazon. There’s also a pink Celeste version available, and two packs with both included. It’s the perfect gaming-theme holiday gift for your real-world villager pals.

HyperX Pudding caps

Price: $25

Affordable holiday gaming gift guide cheap
© HyperX

Purchasing for a PC gamer? If they’re rocking one of HyperX’s excellent mechanical keyboards, then these pudding keycaps are the perfect way to add some extra polish to their setup. Available in black or white, the dual-layer, semi-translucent style brings a clean sense of playful vibrancy to the keyboard. They’re available from Amazon in Black or a translucent-white mix.

Hyrule Historia or the Super Mario Encyclopedia

Price: $20 - $30

Affordable holiday gifts and stocking stuffers for gamers
© Nintendo

If your gaming gift target is up for a spot of reading, Nintendo’s official Hyrule Historia and Super Mario Encyclopedia make for great holiday presents. Both are packed with history of development details and gorgeous pieces of concept art for series fans to ogle. Grab a Zelda lover the Hyrule Historia from Amazon here, or a Luigi-leaning friend the Super Mario Encyclopedia here on Amazon.

Amiibo and Amiibo cards

Price: $13 - $30

Affordable holiday gifts for gamers amiibo stocking stuffers
© Nintendo

Nintendo’s Amiibo line of quality figurines remains a brilliant choice for a cheaper holiday gift option. There’s a frankly staggering number listed on the Nintendo website’s line up, with plenty of third-party characters for those less Nintendo inclined folks you know. We’re big fans of the new Metroid Dread amiibos or the Skyward Sword Zelda+ Loftwing but there are some older classics like Isabelle that are fantastic as well. Prices vary based on rarity, so check through a range based on your budget.

Alternatively, any Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan would be eager to receive a pack or two of Amiibo Cards. Thanks to the game's 2.0 update these randomized packs allow the owner to invite the included villagers to their cafe or even to the Happy Home Paradise DLC. Grab a standard pack on Amazon, here. Or you can pick up the Sanrio collaboration pack with Hello Kitty items and more here.

LEGO Mario expansion sets

Price: $16 - $30

Affordable gaming themed gifts and stocking stuffers lego mario set
© LEGO, Nintendo

LEGO’s Super Mario collection is gorgeous and an utter blast to play with. Unfortunately, it’s also really, really expensive. The Starter course will set you back at least $60, but if you know someone who already owns that, then several of the expansion packs can be picked up for a lot less. The Desert Pokey sets will cost around $16, Mario's House with Yoshi is $23, and the Boomer Bill Barrage pack is priced at $27.50. For a cheaper option, there are also several character packs available for under $10. They’re great gifts for kids, and if Mario isn’t their style, LEGO Minecraft is also an option.

A gaming cookbook

Price: $17.50

Affordable gaming gift guide cookbook
© Bungie

Video games are no strangers to taunting us with delicious food, so it only makes sense that people would eventually turn to cooking the dishes from them. Our collection of gaming-themed cookbooks will sort you out with drinks and dishes based on Overwatch, Skyrim, Pokemon, and more. We’d recommend scanning the whole lot, but for a latest addition, you can find the official Destiny 2 cookbook (yes, really) on Amazon here.

HyperX Chargeplay Quad

Price: $30

Affordable gaming gift guide chargeplay quad
© HyperX

If you know a Nintendo Switch owner overflowing with Joy-Cons, the Chargeplay Quad station is one of the most elegant ways to keep them powered up. Available on Amazon here, the Chargeplay Quad is perfect for that one friend who never keeps their controllers topped up when you visit a game of Overcooked or smash. No more excuses!

A Fall Guys christmas sweater or T-Shirt

Price: $30 - $35

Cheap gaming gift guide holiday 2020 stocking stuffers
© Numskull, Mediatonic

Ugly christmas sweaters are a thing of monstrous beauty. We love them, and we won’t be convinced otherwise. This new Fall Guys design from Numskull is arguably the pinnacle of the art, combining huggable pastel colors into a gaudy mess  that is utterly in your face and screams Christmas cheer from the snow-covered rooftops. You can grab it with US, EU, and Worldwide shipping from the Numskull store.

If you’re after something a little more tasteful, the Devolver Digital merch store has a small range of rather lovely Fall Guys T-Shirts available for $30. There are also cheaper pins and patches, if they’re more your recipient’s style.

Affiliate Disclaimer: Any purchases made through Amazon links on this page may provide us with a small commission.

And that’s everything we’ve found for our affordable gaming-themed gifts and stocking stuffers, but if you’ve got any other ideas then please do share them in the comments below! And finally, click here to see our full list of holiday gift guides for 2021, so you needn’t worry about those last-minute panic buying sessions.

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