Smash Ultimate 9.0.2 patch notes - November 11

All the big changes in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's 9.0.2 patch on November 11.

It hasn’t been long since Super Smash Bros. Ultimate got a healthy delivery of new content in Minecraft’s Steve but we’ve already received a brand new patch to play with. The Smash Ultimate 9.02 update brings several bug fixes to bear, including the removal of a little trick Zelda had added in the recent update. It’s not the most exciting patch, but we’re sure you’ll still want to see what’s changed anyway. To that end, we’ve collected the full Smash Ultimate 9.0.2 patch notes from November 11 below.

Smash Ultimate 9.0.2 patch notes - November 11

Smash ultimate 9.0.2 patch notes november 11
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The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 9.0.2 patch notes were taken straight from Nintendo which, as ever, means they’re simply listed “Various gameplay fixes” at the end. Cheers, Nintendo! The details of what’s been adjusted there will take some time to discover, but we’ll update you if anything too important is picked up. For now, the only relevant change is to Zelda mains who’ll no longer be able to displace their Phantom spawns using a trick briefly added in the October update.


  • Fixed an issue where you could not use the stick to jump while falling after creating an anvil using the down air attack.
  • Fixed an issue where the gunman from Duck Hunt’s down special and the phantom from Zelda’s down special were not behaving as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where the initial velocity of Samus’s and Dark Samus’s up special when used on the ground was not behaving as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where fighters would sometimes warp on the Venom stage.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes fighters would pass through landscapes when they were launched on some stages.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes you would be forced to end a battle on a stage created in Stage Builder.
  • Various gameplay fixes.

Those were the full Smash Ultimate 9.0.2 patch notes from the November 11 update. Let us know in the comments below if you’ve spotted any changes that we’ve missed.

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