Video game pumpkin stencils to spook up your Halloween nights

Carve your favorite characters this Halloween with these gaming stencils.

Hold on, what’s that cleaver for? No, wait, put it down! Oh, you’re just after this pumpkin? Sorry, video games have given us a very skewed perception of the uses for sharp instruments. There are plenty of ways to enjoy Halloween gaming events this year, but if you’re going to get stuck in with some real-life pumpkin carving, why not check out our roundup of video game pumpkin stencils? These designs (combined with that cleaver) will help you bring your favorite video game characters to fiery life when lit from within. So give your Halloween a geeky spin this year by printing off and following any (or all) of the video game pumpkin stencils below. 

Video-game-themed pumpkin-carving stencils

We have loads of video game pumpkin-carving stencils below, but if you’re new to pumpkin carving, we recommend getting someone a bit more experienced to help you out -- those big orange squashes can prove quite tricky to cut correctly. When taking on more challenging stencil styles, remember that Lighter shaded areas can be achieved by peeling the pumpkin skin, rather than cutting all the way through. Use the stencils to line up the edges of your design, poke holes through, then carve once you’ve marked out the full design!

HyperX pumpkin stencils

HyperX pumpkin stencils

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HyperX pumpkin stencils carving

Before we get into stencils of our favorite video game characters, we couldn’t miss out on the chance for HyperX to join in with the spooky atmosphere. We’ve got two different HyperX pumpkin carving stencils to try out below. If you make use of either of them, be sure to share the results with us on Twitter! You can find high-quality images of both the HyperX pumpkin carving stencils here and here.

Nintendo pumpkin stencils

Nintendo has joined in the Halloween fun in plenty of previous years, releasing official stencils for several spooky characters. If you want to carve out Boo, Bowser, or a cute little Shy Guy, these official pumpkin-carving stencils will help you out.

video game pumpkin carving stencils mario
© Nintendo

If you want to make a pumpkin of the main mascot himself, Nintendo also provided a handy Paper Mario stencil with instructions that'll add a cute touch to your decorations this year.

Pokemon pumpkin stencils

Pokemon pumpkin carving stencils
© The Pokemon Company

We’ve given Pokemon it’s own separate section from Nintendo because, hoo boy, they did not hold back on the pumpkin-carving stencils. Take a trip to the Halloween section of the Pokemon website and you’ll find a massive range of stencils including everything from Pikachu to Marowak.

Pokemon halloween pumpkin stencil
© The Pokemon Company

This year there are even new stencils for the starters of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. It's the perfect time to align yourself with Fuecoco, Sprigatito, or Quaxly. There’s a huge range of difficulties here, so pick something you reckon you’re actually capable of achieving or, like us, your attempt could end up looking more like Mimikmush than Mimikyu. The Haunter and Gengar’s Silhouettes are a great place to start for newbie pumpkin carvers.

Minecraft pumpkin stencil

Minecraft halloween pumpkin stencil
© Microsoft

The blocky nature of Minecraft makes it a perfect title for some pumpkin stencils, and where better to start than our favourite explosive villain, the Creeper. There's no need to limit yourself to just one, though! This year's Spookyfest celebrations include a whole package of Minecraft stencils to use, including a Creeper, Enderman, Spider, and Hungriest Horror.

To grab them for yourself, head to the Minecraft Halloween Spookyfest page and scroll down until you see "Get Crafty With DIY". Click the "Download Now" link and you'll get access to the whole bunch and a collection of mask designs. Minecraft includes plenty of other real-world activities to get involved with, including a recipe for pumpkin dip and a guide to make Minecraft Creepy Cake Pops.

Sonic pumpkin stencils

Sonic pumpkin stencils
All credit to 
© SonicStadium, Sega

Excited for Sonic Frontiers? If you really want to show your dedication to Sega’s speedy blue blur or his companions, SonicStadium has a whole host of pumpkin stencils for Sonic and his pals. Head over to their Halloween stencils page and you’ll find designs for Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and more. Even better, they’ve also kindly included pictures of how the design should come out! Simply print off the pdf images and you can get to work.

Hopefully these video game pumpkin stencils will help you add some pixels to your pumpkin fun this Halloween, but if you find any other great gaming stencils then share them with us in the comments section below! If you carve yourself a HyperX pumpkin then make sure you drop us a picture of it on Twitter too! For more Halloween-themed fun, check out our list of unintentionally scary games or new horror releases from this year that you could play this spookfest instead of the usual horror fare.

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