All Trick or Treat rewards and locations in Call of Duty: Warzone

The Haunting of Verdansk brings new Trick or Treat unlocks to earn, if you're brave enough to track them down in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Dive into the Haunting of Verdansk in Call of Duty: Warzone and you’ll be able to hunt for Trick and Treat rewards at sixteen locations across the map. Each box has a chance to contain a permanent reward to unlock during the event, or a horrifying fright. In this guide we’ll explain all the locations you need to visit, as well as Trick or Treat rewards you can unlock during the Haunting of Verdansk. Collect them all and you’ll be able to get the Pumpkin Punisher Assault Blueprint as well!

Trick or Treat rewards and locations in Call of Duty: Warzone

Trick or Treat rewards locations unlock call of duty warzone
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There are 16 different areas in Verdansk in which you can find Trick or Treat Supply Boxes. You’ll need to learn the places that Supply Boxes spawn in each if you want to be efficient, as they may be slightly different each match. Each box you open will have a chance to include a Halloween-themed Blueprint, calling card or stickers. Each location has its own reward, so once you’ve collected one in an area, it’ll be marked on your map with a check. Here are all the Trick or Treat Supply Box rewards and locations

Gora Dam: Time of the Season Watch

Call of Duty Warzone time of the season watch halloween event
© Activision

Arklov Peak Military Base: Return To Dust AR Blueprint

Call of Duty Warzone haunting of verdansk trick or treat unlocks military base
© Activision

The Gulag: The Cleaver Melee Blueprint

Call of Duty Warzone cleaver melee gulag
© Activision

Karst River Quarry: Flashy Fate Sticker

Call of Duty Warzone Quarry trick or Treat locations
© Activision

Verdansk International Airport: The Joker Sticker

Call of Duty Warzon trick or treat rewards
© Activision

Storage Town: Spooky Scene Calling Card

Call of Duty Warzone trick or treat items
© Activision

Hospital: Pumpkin Peril Animated Calling Card

Halloween unlocks call of duty Warzone
© Activision

Novi Grazna Hills: Lil’ Demon Charm

Call of Duty Warzone all halloween event unlocks
© Activision

Zhokov Boneyard: Jack-O-Lantern Charm

COD Warzone trick or treat locations
© Activision

The Train: The Woodsman Spray

All trick or treat rewards in Warzone
© Activision

Atlas Superstore: Skeleton Crew Spray

Warzone trick or Treat rewards
© Activision

BCH TV Station: Freak of Nature Spray

Warzone haunting of verdansk rewards
© Activision

Downtown: Chainsaw Friend Spray

Call of Duty Warzone trick or treat rewards downtown
© Activision

Verdansk Stadium: The Harvester Animated Emblem

COD Warzone unlocks halloween stadium
© Activision

Gorengrad Lumber Yard: Scary Patch Animated Emblem

Call of Duty Haunting unlocks lumber yard
© Activision

Port of Verdansk: Ghoulish Gift Animated Emblem

Call of Duty Halloween rewards port
© Activision

How to get the Pumpkin Punisher in Call of Duty: Warzone

How to get the Pumpkin Punisher in Call of Duty Warzone
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Finally, if you manage to collect all the 16 rewards listed above during the event’s runtime, you’ll also be able to claim the Pumpkin Punisher Assault Rifle Blueprint, as shown above. It's a lovely orange skin that'll leave your enemies tasting like a Pumpkin Spiced Latte. Delicious.

Those are all the Trick or Treat Supply Box locations and unlocks in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Haunting of Verdansk time-limited event. We wish you the best of luck (and the greatest of frights) when hunting them all down!

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