Where to find the Solemn Offering in Mortal Shell

Upgrade your Tarnished Seal with our guide to the Solemn Offering location in Mortal Shell.

Upgrading the Tarnished Seal in Mortal Shell will see you far better prepared to take on all foes, so it pays to explore a bit and discover the upgrades. The Solemn Offering is a key upgrade for the Tarnished Seal, but it’s one that’s incredibly tough to find if you don’t know where to look. Thankfully for you, we’ve already found it. Below is a guide for where to find the Solemn Offering items in Mortal Shell so you can max out your Tarnished Seal.

Where to find Solemn Offering in Mortal Shell

Where to find the Solemn Offering in Mortal Shell
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You can find the Solemn Offering in Mortal Shell’s Eternal Narthex area. When you enter this massive space, you’ll have a giant, broken bridge in front of you, and two large plains on either side. You need to head to the right side of this area (it’ll be the left once you teleport past and turn around), heading to the same place you can obtain the Perfumed Censer from enemies surrounding a pit with a torch switch.

Make your way to the back of the area then look towards the main temple complex and you’ll find an area with a large stone slab forming a ramp upwards, and several little obsidian blocks making a field of towers, as shown above. Hidden in the obsidian blocks on the right is a secret teleporter. Walk in between all of them and find a gap to the back area, then use the teleporter. 

How to get the Solemn Offering in Mortal Shell
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Going through the teleporter you’ll find yourself in a raised area with a chest ahead. Inside the chest is the Solemn Offering, though you’ll want to watch out for some ghosts afterwards. Make sure you head back to a workbench and upgrade as soon as you can to make your Empowered Ripostes even better.

There's a second Solemn Offering in Mortal Shell, but it's much easier to find. You'll be able to grab it simply by playing through the Crypt of Martyrs area and opening the chests along the main path.

And there you have it! Once you’ve collected the Solemn Offering, you’ll definitely want to make sure you’ve collected the Forbidden Offering from Corrupted Sester Genessa as well (click here to find out where). They’re both found pretty close to one another, and you won’t want to miss the resolve bonus it offers. For everything else Mortal Shell, click here to visit our guide hub for the game.

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