Do charms stack in Ghost of Tsushima?

A look at the bonuses charms provide in Ghost of Tsushima and whether or not they stack.

Upgrading your swords and bows is only one of the ways a Samurai can increase their powers. By visiting shinto and inari shrines around the island, Jin can gain charms which offer powerful boosts to damage, protection, detection time and more. Charms can be swapped in and out to tailor your skills to your playstyle, but one big question is whether or not charms stack with one another. Thankfully, the answer is good news indeed.

Do charms stack in Ghost of Tsushima?

Do charms stack in Ghost of Tsushima - image of the charms gear page
You can equip multiple charms to boost your defences in Ghost of Tsushima. 
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Yes, charms do stack in Ghost of Tsushima. If you’re the type of player who likes to go all out on damage, that means you can equip several offensive charms and receive an increased boost to your attacking and staggering power. That applies to charms of different types as well. So equipping the major Charm of Kagu-Tsuchi (bonus damage when health is at or below 50%) and the minor Charm of Ferocity (moderate increase to melee damage) will see you dish out even more pain when you’re hurt. 

By combining charms in this manner, you can focus your skills to a particular need. Fighting from a distance? Use multiple ranged charms to increase your concentration time so you can snipe multiple foes. Rescuing hostages? Several stealth charms will make enemies extremely slow to detect you. Like your special moves? Using the Charm of Fortunate Return will increase the odds of it refunding resolve costs. 

Ghost of Tsushima Charms guide
Charms can boost offense, defense, stealth, and resource collection. 
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Your own skills are important, but now that you know charms stack in Ghost of Tsushima, don’t underestimate their usefulness either. It’s well worth prepping for any mission by equipping the appropriate charms, so be sure to hunt around for Fox Dens and larger shrines so you have plenty of options! 

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By reading this guide you should have an answer to the question of if charms stack in Ghost of Tsushima. For more tips and tricks, head over to the game’s hub page by clicking here. It pays to train those skills, after all.

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