Disco Elysium getting TV adaptation

Explore more of Revachol in Disco Elysium's upcoming TV adaptation.

It’s an exciting time for games with film and TV adaptations on the rise. Joining the list of games getting the adaptation treatment is Disco Elysium, an indie game that released last year to overwhelming critical praise and fanfare.

With its rich, intriguing world, we aren’t surprised to hear the game’s getting a TV adaptation. We are a little surprised at the company stepping in to help make that adaptation, though.

Disco Elysium getting TV adaptation

Disco Elysium getting TV adaptation
dj2 Entertainment will head the Disco Elysium TV adaptation. 

In an article from Variety, Disco Elysium developer ZA/UM confirmed that a TV adaptation is in the works. At the helm of this adaptation is dj2 Entertainment, the same production company who worked on the Sonic the Hedgehog movie that released earlier this year.

With Sonic the Hedgehog becoming the highest grossing video game movie ever released, we’re confident dj2 will do Disco Elysium proper justice in a TV adaptation.

“We’re so gratified at the response ‘Disco Elysium’ has received, and very happy to be teaming with dj2 to expand the franchise for other media and new audiences,” Helen Hindpere, lead writer at ZA/UM, told Variety.

“‘Disco Elysium’ is a phenomenal property, with an expansive world and unlimited potential.” continued Dmitri M. Johnson, Founder and CEO of dj2 Entertainment. “The dj2 team is truly thrilled about this extraordinary opportunity to be part of it all.”

For those unfamiliar with Disco Elysium, the game is an ambitious RPG that focuses heavily on player options and dialogue. You can play along with the story, acting as a detective and helping people while exploring the streets of Revachol. You can also choose to go rogue, becoming a villain.

Or if neither sound appealing, you can do nothing at all, just loiter around talking to people.

The game makes it a point to give you a choice at every possible opportunity, allowing for endless gameplay possibilities. The freedom in Disco Elysium is great when it comes to a TV adaptation as there are fewer restrictions when it comes to adapting the story.

That said, Disco Elysium has some fascinating core concepts and memorable characters that serve as a nice base for the TV adaptation as a whole. We’re really looking forward to seeing what dj2 does with the TV adaptation of Disco Elysium.

It’ll be a while before we see anything though as the adaptation is still in its early planning stages. According to the article from Variety, dj2 is meeting with writers in preparation for pitching the property.

Even if it’s early, we’re still excited at the idea of a Disco Elysium adaptation. What about you? We’re curious what your thoughts are on the news that Disco Elysium is getting its own TV show with the backing of dj2? Comment below!

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