Can you change the difficulty in Gears Tactics?

Find out whether you can adjust the difficulty settings in Gears Tactics.

When starting up a new game of Gears Tactics, it’s important to pick the right difficulty setting. In the event you pick one that’s too hard, or too easy, you may find yourself wondering whether you can change it later on in the game. To help simplify everything, we’ve put together a guide that addresses whether you can change the difficulty in Gears Tactics, and all of the difficulty setting options.

Can you change the difficulty in Gears Tactics?

Can you change the difficulty in Gears Tactics
Gears Tactics has four primary difficulty settings, and you're free to change your difficulty setting at any time as long as you're not in combat.
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To start with the question of whether you can change the difficulty in Gears Tactics after you start playing, the answer is yes, you can. As long as you’re not in combat, the game will let you switch your difficulty settings. To change the difficulty settings, you’ll first need to navigate to the Home screen.

From the Home screen, click on the Settings option and expand it. Next, choose General and in General, select Game. Inside the Game menu, you’ll find the Difficulty menu where you can freely choose between the four options available to you. Below, we’ve listed all of the difficulty settings that are available in Gears Tactics.

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Experienced
  • Insane

When picking a difficulty setting at the start of the game, you may see something called Ironman Mode. Unlike the difficulties listed above, Ironman Mode isn’t a difficulty setting so much as it’s an additional (optional) feature that makes the game harder to beat. How does it do this? Well, Ironman Mode makes it so that you can’t restart missions or jump back to a previous checkpoint.

If you mess up you mess up and there’s no fixing it. Be warned that if you choose to enable Ironman Mode, you won’t be able to disable it once you start playing Gears Tactics so be extra sure this is something you want before selecting it. After beating the game’s campaign on any of the difficulty settings above, you’ll unlock a “New Game Plus” sort of mode called Veteran.

If you really love the combat of Gears Tactics, you can continue playing additional side missions and unlock new pieces of gear through Veteran mode. In addition to Veteran mode, you can also unlock in-game difficulty achievements for beating the game on select difficulty settings. Note that if you change your difficulty setting mid-game you won’t be unable to unlock these achievements.

Wondering which difficulty settings will net you an achievement? We've got you covered. Below, we’ve listed all of the difficulty achievements available in Gears Tactics.

  • I Am Ironman: Complete the Campaign on any difficulty with Ironman Mode enabled.
  • Hero of Vasgar: Complete the Campaign on Experienced or Insane Difficulty.
  • Savior of Vasgar: Complete the Campaign on Insane Difficulty.

As you can see, the only way to earn difficulty achievements is to play on Experienced or Insane difficulty, although you can feasibly unlock 'I Am Ironman' by playing on a setting like Intermediate with Ironman Mode enabled. Remember that Ironman Mode is one you’re forced to stick with unlike the four main difficulty settings which you can freely change between.

If we had to personally recommend one, we say start with Experienced difficulty and see if you can beat the game that way in order to unlock the 'Hero of Vasgar' achievement. If you’re able to do this without too much trouble, you can go back and play the game again with Ironman Mode enabled, or on the Insane difficulty setting. The choice is entirely up to you though!

Now that you know whether you can change the difficulty settings in Gears Tactics, we’ve got another feature that’ll walk you through approximately how long it’ll take you to beat the game that’s worth checking out!

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