AmberGlowYoga gives a Crash Course in papercraft and keeping limber in isolation

HyperX's weekly Crash Course streams continue with AmberGlowYoga teaching us how to fold paper, and ourselves, into beautiful creations.

Continuing the new series of HyperX educational Twitch streams this week is AmberGlowYoga, who gave us an important lesson about staying creative – and flexible – while stuck inside. We've previously talked to Amber to find out why she's so passionate about keeping gamers safe from bad posture, but this time she's also keeping us safe from boredom and cabin fever, too!

After last week's Crash Course Twitch stream taught us about Animal Crossing, K.K. Slider covers and hairstyling, Amber's stream this week was about Life is Strange, yoga and deep philosophical discussions while folding paper. You can check out the entire stream below, but we'll link you to the three sections if you just want to get to the bits you want.

Amber started us off with a taster of one of her favorite games, Life is Strange, picking our way through the drama of freshman college life with the added complications of time travel. Check the beginning of the VOD for some of the best narrative gameplay in years, if you haven't played it through multiple times already like Amber.

If you'd prefer to go intensely philosophical about the significance of the butterfly in the game series, watch the crafting section where Amber shows us how to make a paper butterfly garland to decorate your room with. There's something therapeutic about folding this many valley folds...

And then to wind down, check out the end of the stream where Amber runs us through some easy stretches to fix a number of common gamer ailments. We've all been inside gaming for a few weeks now, but that's no need to let poor posture creep in, beat a bad back with these simple stretches.

That's everything from this week's edition of Crash Course, check the HyperX Twitch channel next Thursday when Monster Hunter extraordinaire Arekkz will be teaching us how to make a meal as good as a Palico chef, and crafting some exceptional armor.


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